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These digital collections include holdings from the Morris Swett Library that were accumulated by the library’s namesake, Morris J. “Mike” Swett,  who was the school librarian from 1915 to 1954, other librarians and the Field Artillery Command Historian’s Fire Support Research Collections.   The Fire Support Research Collections encompasses DOD published manuscripts, annual Fort Sill histories and their supporting documents and were assembled by Field Artillery School historians.  Additional archival materials were given to the library by the Field Artillery Journal.   Selected digitized materials from all of these collections include journal articles, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, correspondence, military publications, and photographs.

This digital collection aids in the preservation and accessibility of the valuable histories of  the Field Artillery School and  the Field Artillery for students, staff, faculty, the Field Artillery community, and researchers interested in the history of the school and the Field Artillery.  Creating the collection is an ongoing project that will grow as new materials are collected and digitized.


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